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Doda offers two concepts: the Hopper System and the Macerator Pump System. In addition to the different concepts, a range of different sizes available including different screen sizes ranging from 1/5” up to 1,1/5”.

We can manufacture any and all piping, pumps, mixers and more. Our control panels are manufactured locally according to customer needs and are UL approved. Electrical motors are C-face and can be purchased locally. We can also custom design the equipment to fit any facility.

Over $2,000,000 in inventory of spare parts at our facility in Minnesota.

  • Completely stainless steel
  • Up to 20 Ton per hour throughput of food waste
  • Very robust. Can treat a variety of waste streams without additional setup
  • Reinforced Stainless Steel construction with few easy replaceable wear parts
  • Up to 99% removal of non-organics from food waste. Minimal use of fresh water as not to increase overall volume
  • Volume reduction for Transport and Tipping fees savings. Recycled food waste can be used as compost for fertilizer replacement
  • Creation of an anaerobic digester waste stream with high methane production potential
  • Reducing GHG (Methane) emissions from landfills and waste combustion
  • Improved sanitation, public safety and health for both your facility and community
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