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The 18th Annual MILK Business Conference has a great line-up of speakers and sessions to help dairy producers capitalize on and further develop their strengths to work for them. Held at the Paris Hotel in Las Vegas Nov. 30 – Dec. 2, the MILK Business Conference is like no other dairy conference.

What sets MILK Business Conference apart is the unique position to address every business aspect of the progressive dairy operation, offering practical perspectives to help dairy producers address challenges and opportunities that face them. This one-of-a-kind networking event allows both producers and businesses to gain knowledge and perspectives from one another.

“Putting Your Strengths to Work” is the theme of this year’s MILK Business Conference and both the speakers and session are aimed to help dairy producers capitalize on and further develop putting those strengths to work.

Some of the sessions featured this year include: 

Five Mega Trends in 2022 and Beyond 

Speaker: Aidan Connolly, Cainthus

Highlighting the megatrends to help producers increasingly recognize their future revenue may go beyond the traditional focus of just looking at the milk price.

How to Become the Employer of Choice 

Speaker: Dr. Stan Moore, Michigan State University

Tackling labor on the farm in terms of attracting, retaining, and handling labor issues.

Turning Manure into Money 

Speaker: Newtrient and American Biogas Council

Weighing out options and preparing dairy for future alternative profit centers, such as renewable energy. Review and evaluate the type of technology to consider, the economics, questions to ask energy and tech vendors and so much more.

A Candid Conversation About Mental Health 

Speaker: Ted Mathews

The go-to counselor for farmers for decades shares his perspective on addressing mental health. Also, Wisconsin dairy farmer, Randy Roecker shares his mental health struggle – talking about the devastating impact it had on his dairy operation and to his family life – and how he managed to dig out of the trenches of it all.

How Will You Feed Your Cows in the Future? 

Speaker: Dennis Hancock, Director of U.S. Dairy Forage Research Center, USDA.

Sharing how artificial intelligence will help play a role in how cows are fed in the future and more.

Walt Coleman, the longest-serving Referee in NFL history shares his stories! 

Speaker: Walt Coleman

Coleman served as a line judge for the first six seasons before being promoted to referee at the start of the 1995 NFL season. Over his NFL career, he has worked two conference championship games (1998 and 2003). Coleman resides in Little Rock, Arkansas, and is a fifth-generation family operator of Coleman Dairy.

Plus, Many More Sessions in the Line-Up, including the Beef on Dairy: The Traceability Story 

An incredible line-up of speakers and sessions will address that dairy’s greatest asset in 2035 might not be their cows. Plus, the National Rodeo Finals begins right when our conference is done. So, we invite you to stick around. Register today at MilkBusinessConference.com.