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Small Hose Reel

  • Wheel diameter is 500mm internal and 2400mm external
  • Includes four hoses of 400m/each (equal to 1600m total)
  • Winding speed approximately 2000 m/hour

Large Hose Reel

  • Winding speed approximately 2000m/hour
  • Reeler is held by a heavy duty frame with auxiliary foot for the pulling drawbar

Hose Reels

Small Hose Reels

Doda’s Small Hose Reels include a towable hose caddy for a 1600m 150mm reeler for 150 diameter hoses in four removable sections. Re-winding controlled by disconnectable gearbox, recovery of hose by PTO shaft with mechanical reducer and 1″ chain rolled on external wheel (2400mm dia). Approximate overall dimensions: 2.5m in transport condition with wheels assembled. Maximum height 3.06m height with wheels disassembled 2.8m. Machine length with dismounted wheels 3.4m (mounted wheels 4.7m) complete with galvanized hydraulic parking foot.

Large Hose Reels

Doda’s Large Hose Reels include a towable hose caddy for 2400m 150mm diameter flat hose in 12 pieces, 200m each. The flat hose reeler is duly dimensioned for the application. Re-winding disconnectable gear box 1″ chain wires on wheel that is 1600mm outside diameter. Approximate overall dimensions: 2.5m wide and  3.5m high in transport condition (wheel assembled) or 1.7m high less wheels. Total length less drawbar of 3.3m with hydraulic winch and  gearbox with disconnectable system.


Allow Doda to maintain your equipment, specific to the needs of your prodcuts, for reliable, long lasting productivity.


  • Custom designed with heavy duty frame

  • Large reel capacity

  • Versatile removal sections

  • Ideal for multiple dimensions and lengths

  • Galvanized construction


  • Agriculture