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Doda offers a wide range of efficient and reliable pumps. The unique design of Doda’s centrifugal pump housing and patented chopper blades makes the Doda pump a true leader for pumping highly fibrous sludge and slurry. The high-speed open design impeller combined with the two static and one rotating chopper blade handles the most challenging solids.

Super Vertical Chopper Pumps

Super/PTO Chopper Pumps with dual chopping feature assure the waste will be properly chopped—leading to fewer backups in the field. Available in standard lengths of six, eight, 10 and 12 feet with additional lengths upon request and fits 540 or 100 RPM.

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Super ME Pumps

Doda ME Pumps are used to agitate, transfer or to fill hauling units. Parts are stocked in our USA facility to build pumps in various lengths from four feet to 20 feet with additional lengths upon request.

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AFI Horizontal Chopper Pumps

The AFI Pump is a high-pressure chopper pump which can be mounted on a tractor or connected to a direct power source. Vanadium and manganese alloy chopper blades chop the slurry prior to pumping, allowing for fuel efficient, block free operation.

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