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  • Unique pump housing and volute design
  • Oil bath driveline with separate pump housing stainless steel shaft 
  • Agitation nozzle with 320 degree horizontal and 90 degree vertical range of motion
  • Versatile mounting bracket

Super ME Pumps

Doda ME Pumps are used to agitate, transfer or to fill hauling units. Parts are stocked in our USA facility to build pumps in various lengths from four feet to 20 feet with additional lengths upon request. ME Pumps can be run with motors from five horsepower to 50+ HP and three phase or single phase. C-face electric motors eliminates belt and pulley problems and hot dipped galvanize is standard. Stainless steel components are available upon request.


Additional information on Doda’s Super ME Pumps.


  • Cast iron impeller housing with venturi design and adjustable pressure plate creates high pressure to move the slurry as far or fast as you need
  • Patented chopping system can handle slurries with higher concentration of bedding and solids
  • Rotating cutter blade and counter blades are made of hardened steel alloy to chop harder and longer without needing to be replaced
  • Pumps can be mounted and secured in several different ways with wall/floor mount bracket or on a two wheel trailer which allows easy movement between different pit access holes


  • Agriculture
  • Food Processing