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Technical Features

Made using state of the art manufacturing equipment

Works in sync with and designed to maximize the capabilities of your Doda equipment

Custom designed to the client’s specifications



Doda manufactures a wide range of custom accessories and complementary items. All items are made using state of the art manufacturing equipment in compliance with the strictest anti-pollution rules and strict adherence to international standards.

Distribution Boxes

A unique solution to solve the most complex slurry mixing and transfer applications. Doda distribution boxes are custom manufactured on a case by case basis and equipped with a single stainless steel Doda vertical chopper pump and customizable flange system.

Biogas Observation Windows

Allow you to view the fermentation and mixing first hand.

Reception Pit Lids

Hydraulically controlled covers for reception pits.

Piping, Valves, and Fittings

Doda offers piping and various sizes of lay-flat & suction hose. Standard galvanized fittings ranging from 3″-8″ in size. Custom welded fittings are also available.