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Technical Features

 Unique stone/debris protection system

Mechanical seal is separate from the gearbox to eliminate contamination

Stainless steel or nodular cast iron housing, not welded

Adjustable pressure plate and special impeller for secondary chopping

Internal check valve on suction cone allowing startup without repriming

Pedestal models set up for direct power source (electric, diesel, hydraulic)

Vertical head pressure of up to 450 ft or 200 PSI


The AFI pump is a high-pressure chopper pump which can be mounted on a tractor or connect to direct power source. Vanadium and manganese alloy chopper blades chop the slurry prior to pumping, allowing for fuel efficient, block free operation. An oil cooling system keeps the gearbox cool even in heavy and prolonged conditions resulting in the most efficient, low maintenance agricultural pressure pump on the market.


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