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Technical Features

Completely AISI 304 stainless steel

Low power consumption

Customizable screens starting from 1.5 mm

Two roller wire brushes for screen cleaning

High-pressure water nozzles for cleaning

Top mounted heavy duty poly gear drive


Doda sludge thickener/rotary separator is ideal for applications where a high volume of slurry with relatively low solid content needs screening. The rotary screen allows the free liquid fraction to pass through the screen by gravitational forces and conveys the solids and bonded liquids trapped in the screen to the opposite end using an Archimedes style screw. The optional Doda compactor or screw press can be mounted to squeeze out additional liquids from the slurry for up to a 40% dry solid consistency.


  • Biogas industry to thicken the waste stream before feeding into the digester
  • De-packaging and cleaning of non-organic waste before landfill
  • Flushing and sand bedding dairies


  • High volume throughput of up to 30,000 US gal/hour
  • 100% stainless steel is essentially corrosion and rust proof
  • Double cleaning system to prevent clogging of screens
  • No belt drive, heavy duty poly (Akulon) gear allows for maintenance free operation

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Control Panels

Control Panel

Control panels are used to monitor and control the machinery and are custom designed to fit the client’s needs.