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Technical Features

Rotating chopping feature and adjustable pressure plate assures proper conditioning

The unique pump housing and volute design accelerate product moving through the housing and prevent clogging

Operates with minimal shaft deflection and increased performance of the mechanical seals and pump bearings

Oil bath driveline with separate pump housing stainless steel shaft

Stainless steel or nodular cast iron housing, no welded components


Super / PTO chopper pumps with dual chopping feature assure the waste will be properly chopped leading to fewer plug-ups in the field. Available in standard lengths of 6’, 8’, 10’, 12’ with additional lengths upon request. Can fit 540 or 100 RPM
Pump housing with nodular cast iron impeller & venture design accelerate slurry movement, the patented chopping system handles slurry with larger concentrations of bedding & solids, chopping blades made of hardened steel alloy, nodular cast iron impeller & adjustable pressure plate creates high pressure that can power up to 12,000 cuts per minute.
Discharge tube size’s come in 6” or 8”.
SUPER Pumps can fit into pit holes as small as 2’ x 2’
Carriage with hydraulic motor & stainless steel cable on a winch and simple 2 point hook up makes transfer from pit to pit very quick & easy.

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Solids dewatering focuses on liquid reduction while providing safe handling and disposal of residuals. Slurries contain free liquid and bound liquid. Sedimentation, stationary and moving screens can only remove some of the free liquid, none of the bonded liquid and are only effective with extremely diluted wastes. Doda screw and roller separators accomplish solids separation by squeezing out all of the free liquid plus some of the bound liquid.


Doda manufactures a variety of propeller mixers for the most challenging applications. The unique self-cleaning propeller is designed for where the treated mass must be kept in a homogeneous state without dispersing the characteristic gasses used for biogas.