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Technical Features

Easy and fast installation in both new and old barns

Fully automated system

Low maintenance



Slurry Recirculation

The slurry recirculation system is designed to remove slurry from barns easily and quickly in a completely automatic way. It can be used with any type of floor. The slurry is pumped and distributed through a system of pipes and valves.


The complete automatic flushing cleaning system, equipped with pop-off valves, is designed to remove slurry very easily from new or existing barns. The slurry liquid fraction, homogenized and deodorized, is forced in the pop-off valves positioned at the end of the barn, then cleans the lanes in a matter of seconds. Using the recirculated slurry instead of fresh water provides an economical and technical advantage.

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Solids dewatering focuses on liquid reduction while providing safe handling and disposal of residuals. Slurries contain free liquid and bound liquid. Sedimentation, stationary and moving screens can only remove some of the free liquid, none of the bonded liquid and are only effective with extremely diluted wastes. Doda screw and roller separators accomplish solids separation by squeezing out all of the free liquid plus some of the bound liquid.

Centrifugal Pumps

The unique design of the Doda centrifugal pump housing and patented chopper blades makes the Doda pump a true leader in the field of pumping highly fibrous sludge and slurry. The high-speed open design impeller combined with the two static and one rotating chopper blade handles the most challenging solids.