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Industrial Mixers & Aerators

Doda manufactures a variety of propeller mixers for the most challenging applications. The unique self-cleaning propeller is designed for where the treated mass must be kept in a homogeneous state without dispersing the characteristic gasses used for biogas.

Digester Mixers

Effective mixing of the anaerobic digester contents is important for process stability. Mixing maximizes gas production and minimizes scum and foam formation. Additionally, it prevents solids deposition in the digester, which can reduce the active volume of the digester and result in expensive removal costs.

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The Daermix provides complete slurry homogenization inside the lagoon, devitalizes pathogenic germs and weed seeds through fermentation and lowers nitrogen loss, leading to higher slurry fertilizing power. Up to 50 percent higher production with respect to treated manure. Impellers specially designed for both air suction and slurry mixing causing higher water evaporation and consequent reduction of stored mass.

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