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Industrial Separators

The importance of solids dewatering and the role it plays in water savings and extracted solids reuse is becoming more and more of a top priority. By focusing on liquid reduction while providing safe handling, disposal and reuse of the residuals provides not only cost savings but it also benefits our environment. Sedimentation, stationary and moving screens can only remove some much of the free liquid, none of the bonded liquid—and are only effective with extremely diluted wastes. Doda Bio, Screw and Rotary Separators effectively separate solids by squeezing out all of the free liquid plus some of the bound liquid.

Bio Separator

The Bio Separator can separate the organics from the inorganics in your waste stream. The nutrient rich organic material can then be used as compost, animal feed, or as an anaerobic slurry for biogas production. A variety of sizes and configurations are available. As the separator gets bigger in size, so does the size of the materials it can process.

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Screw Separator

Doda’s Screw Separator—with its compact design, easy installation and simple to maintain features—is an excellent machine for the separation of solids from liquids and sludges. It uses an auger rotating at 30 RPM inside two wedge wire screens.

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Rotary Separator

Doda sludge thickener/rotary separator is ideal for applications where a high volume of slurry with relatively low solid content needs screening. The rotary screen allows the free liquid fraction to pass through the screen by gravitational forces and conveys the solids and bonded liquids trapped in the screen to the opposite end using an Archimedes style screw.

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