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AFI Horizontal Chopper Pumps

AFI Horizontal Chopper Pumps

The AFI Pump is a high-pressure chopper pump which can be mounted on a tractor or connected to a direct power source. Vanadium and manganese alloy chopper blades chop the slurry prior to pumping, allowing for fuel efficient, block free operation. An oil cooling system keeps the gearbox cool even in heavy and prolonged conditions, resulting in the most efficient, low maintenance agricultural pressure pump on the market.

Doda’s patented chopping system–consisting of two static and one rotating chopper blade–handles the most challenging solids. Blades are made of a special vanadium and manganese alloy for durability. The waste then passes to the high speed impeller system that utilizes an adjustable pressure plate that chops the waste again. The system is an open impeller system allowing it to handle the most difficult waste.

  • Chopping feature assures the waste is properly conditioned resulting in less plug ups in the field when being injected or irrigated
  • Internal check valve on suction cone allows startup without repriming
  • Power priming system assures fast priming from deep depths and works great with thick slurries
  • Two Way Valve allows you to discharge off either side of the pump and its design is fail safe if pump is left unattended for long periods.
  • Separate mechanical seal from the gear box eliminates contamination
  • Unique stone and debris protection system
  • Stainless steel or nodular cast iron housing with no welded components
  • Adjustable pressure plate and special impeller for secondary chopping
  • Pedestal models setup for direct power source (electric, diesel, hydraulic)
  • Vertical head pressure of up to 450 feet or 200 PSI
  • Heavy duty gear boxes are available in 540 or 1000 RPM with a variety of gear ratios
  • Standard heavy duty PTOs with shear bolts
  • Chrome plated shaft at seal system location
  • Two-wheel trailer or a two-point hook up available to attach pump to tractor
  • Agriculture
  • Food Processing
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