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Equipment for Agriculture

Doda’s broad range of high performance, durable equipment for the agricultural, municipal and industrial waste markets is technologically advanced, environmentally friendly and built with only the highest quality materials. It simply is stronger and lasts longer. We take pride in that.


The Daermix provides complete slurry homogenization inside the lagoon, devitalizes pathogenic germs and weed seeds through fermentation and lowers nitrogen loss, leading to higher slurry fertilizing power. Up to 50 percent higher production with respect to treated manure. Impellers specially designed for both air suction and slurry mixing causing higher water evaporation and consequent reduction of stored mass.

Digester Mixer

Effective mixing of the anaerobic digester contents is important for process stability. Mixing maximizes gas production and minimizes scum and foam formation. Additionally, it prevents solids deposition in the digester, which can reduce the active volume of the digester and result in expensive removal costs.


Doda manufactures a variety of propeller mixers suited for the most challenging applications. The unique self-cleaning propeller is designed for applications where the treated mass must be kept in a homogeneous state without dispersing the characteristic gasses used for biogas.

Screw Separators

Doda’s Screw Separator—with its compact design, easy installation and simple to maintain features—is an excellent machine for the separation of solids from liquids and sludges. It uses an auger rotating at 30 RPM inside two wedge wire screens.

Rotary Separators

Doda’s sludge thickener Rotary Separator is ideal for applications where a high volume of slurry with relatively low solid content needs screening. The rotary screen allows the free liquid fraction to pass through the screen by gravitational forces and conveys the solids and bonded liquids trapped in the screen to the opposite end using an Archimedes style screw.

AFI Horizontal Chopper Pumps

The AFI Pump is a high-pressure chopper pump which can be mounted on a tractor or connected to a direct power source. Vanadium and manganese alloy chopper blades chop the slurry prior to pumping, allowing for fuel efficient, block free operation.

Super ME Pumps

Doda ME Pumps are used to agitate, transfer or to fill hauling units. Parts are stocked in our USA facility to build pumps in various lengths from four feet to 20 feet with additional lengths upon request.

Super Vertical Chopper Pumps

Super/PTO Chopper Pumps with dual chopping feature assure the waste will be properly chopped—leading to fewer backups in the field. Available in standard lengths of six, eight, 10 and 12 feet with additional lengths upon request and fits 540 or 100 RPM.

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