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Who We Are

Who We Are

Doda USA Office Building

Doda USA is a manufacturing company based in St. James, MN with a primarily focuses on the agricultural waste solutions and industrial waste solutions. Our products are built strong and last long for a variety of clientele for efficient waste solutions. Our agricultural side produces top quality equipment for all size operations such as hog and dairy farms as well as large equipment such as tanker trucks for handling livestock waste. Doda USA’s parent company, Doda®—located in Italy—is a leader in the wastewater treatment sector and has been present on the international market for over half a century.

Our Commitment

At Doda, we believe in a hands on approach—working with you for turn key solutions from custom engineering to sales to financing and installations to on-going maintenance plans plus more.

Our Showroom

Doda has a large showroom to display equipment in a climate-controlled environment. We invite you to stop by or, we are always willing to come to you for an on-site visit to discuss how we can help.

Our Service

Doda works with you to make sure your equipment is running consistently with the ultimate goal of building profitability for your operation. We offer ongoing maintenance plans and easy access to order parts.

Our Expertise

At Doda, we focus our expertise and experience on partnering with you to efficiently and cost effectively manage your manure while protecting your investment as well as the environment.

We pride ourselves on offering solutions for a wide variety of waste solutions and can customize our products in a timely manner to account for the client’s specific needs. When you partner with Doda USA, you are backed with a global brand with the experience of hundreds of installations worldwide. We proudly stand behind the craftsmanship of our products and provide you with the reassurance of high quality, reliable equipment.

Company History

In the 1950s young Aldo Doda created the first ever vertical chopper pump from an old, beat up harvest machine to help handle slurry on his family dairy farm in Italy. When neighbors saw its success, they wanted him to build one for them as well, and so did many others. Ten years later, in the 1960’s, Aldo created the AFI horizontal chopper pumps to mount on slurry tankers. Around the 1970s the Doda brand was entering the United States and was referred to as a slurry pump.

Mixers, separators and other complementary items became a natural follow up to the basic chopper pumps.

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Over the years Doda has proactively envisioned their products and expertise to span the globe. In 2007 Doda established its foothold in the United States, creating Doda USA.  This American branch, located in St. James, Minnesota, is in charge of all operations in Canada, Mexico and the United States with multiple dealers nationwide.