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Digester Mixer

Digester Mixer

Effective mixing of the anaerobic digester contents is important for process stability. Mixing maximizes gas production and minimizes scum and foam formation. Additionally, it prevents solids deposition in the digester, which can reduce the active volume of the digester and result in expensive removal costs.

Doda offers a full range of mixing systems from primary digester, secondary digester through to final higher pressure gas storage tanks. All mixers can be easily adjusted in mixing angle and depth to suit changeable tank levels. Models range from the BGS 80 which is often used in secondary fermentation tanks for smooth constant homogenization through to the BGS 500 for applications in primary tanks where the materials require high-speed agitation to get the fermentation process moving rapidly.

BGS 80

  • Primary & Secondary Digester – Strong, slow yet gentle and constant mixing uses
  • For use in Higher dry matter (DM) applications with heavy workloads on the mixer
  • 1600m propeller
  • 22KW motor
  • Standard lengths 3.6M & 4.6M (other sizes available)

BGS 200

  • Primary, Secondary or final Digester applications – Strong and constant mixing uses
  • For use in lower dry matter (DM) digestate applications
  • 1200m propeller
  • 6.5M length (other sizes available)
  • 22KW motor with toothed belt drive without gearbox

BGS 500

  • Initial intake reception pit applications – Strong and aggressive mixing applications
  • Also used in final storage facilities for agitation
  • For use in lower dry matter (DM) digestate applications where chopping of media is required
  • 600-840m propeller
  • 6.5M length (other sizes available)
  • 15 or 18KW motor with toothed belt drive without gearbox

  • Customizable and can be fitted to any existing or new digesters
  • Prevents thermally stratified sludge layers
  • Uniformed distribution of solids throughout the digester
  • Higher gas production
  • AISI 304 stainless steel, anti-corrosion construction
  • Reinforced, oil bath driveline with tungsten carbide mechanical seal system
  • No gearbox or electrical components inside the digester tank
  • Infinite tilting and depth adjustment by hydraulic system
  • Roof or side wall mounting application on tanks
  • Fitted with anti-vibrations pads on mounting frame
  • Agriculture
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