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Screw Separators

Screw Separators

Doda’s Stainless Steel Screw Separator—with its compact design, easy installation, and simple to maintain features—is an excellent machine for separating solids from liquids and sludges. It uses an auger rotating at 30 RPM inside two heavy-duty wedge wire screens. The heavy-duty screens come in a variety of sizes.

When separating dairy manure with the Doda Screw Separator, a consistent dry matter content of 35% or above can be achieved, which turns raw dairy manure into cheap natural, organic green bedding. After separation, the liquid segment also contains fewer solids with reduced overall volume, which reduces sedimentation in the lagoons. The liquid part is also easier to transport and is more easily absorbed by the soil when applied as fertilizer.

    • Reduces solid waste
    • Increases storage capacity
    • Reduces sedimentation for improved aerobic process in lagoon
    • Reduces maintenance and provides for longer lagoon operation before cleaning
    • Generates suitable compost or green bedding
    • AISI 304 Stainless Steel
    • Versatile intake design
    • Planetary drive system
    • Consistent feed and overflow system
    • Internal chopping system
    • Solids discharge door and opening
    • Patented HD stainless steel auger
    • Easy access for inspection or cleaning
    • Biogas
    • Agriculture
    • Food Processing
    • Pulp and Paper
    • Meat Processing
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