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Technical Features

Entirely hot galvanized or stainless steel structure

Oil bath transmission and driveline

Double widia mechanical seal

Over-sized reduction gearbox in relation to actual power

Stainless steel propeller support shaft

Self-cleaning three-blade propeller

Customizable for special requirements

Storage Tank, Slurry Pit, and Lagoon Mixers

Doda manufactures a variety of propeller mixers suited for the most challenging applications. The unique self-cleaning propeller is designed for applications where the treated mass must be kept in a homogeneous state without dispersing the characteristic gasses used for biogas.


  • Biogas industry
  • Dairy and hog industry


  • Customizable with various mounting options
  • No cables and no special electrical motor required
  • Very low maintenance

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Centrifugal Pumps

The unique design of the Doda centrifugal pump housing and patented chopper blades makes the Doda pump a true leader in the field of pumping highly fibrous sludge and slurry. The high-speed open design impeller combined with the two static and one rotating chopper blade handles the most challenging solids.


Solids dewatering focuses on liquid reduction while providing safe handling and disposal of residuals. Slurries contain free liquid and bound liquid. Sedimentation, stationary and moving screens can only remove some of the free liquid, none of the bonded liquid and are only effective with extremely diluted wastes. Doda screw and roller separators accomplish solids separation by squeezing out all of the free liquid plus some of the bound liquid.